Established in 2005, Arkisens is an innovative architecture and design practice based in Quezon City, Philippines.  Operating in an environment unidentified with technological advancements and experimental design methodologies, Arkisens strives to sustain a high level of inventiveness, suitability and quality in all its projects.


Arkisens’ work challenges established historical models, standardization and unvarying repetition.  By consistently attempting to push the boundaries of architectural conventions and traditions, the difficulties and intricacies of a given situation become mechanisms for the emergence of new kinds of typologies, relationships and continuities.  Arkisens constantly tries to manipulate space, creating surfaces that suggest movement and dynamism.  In this way, space itself expands and contracts, insinuating new encounters and experiences for its users.  


As a result, each project responds as a unique, holistic solution that appeals to all the senses by incorporating the dynamics of everyday life.