“Considering Arkisens’ unique, anti-iconic approach to design, it’s no wonder young architects are eager to be mentored by these guys.”

– BluPrint Magazine


“Offset by idiosyncratic details, the meticulously streamlined interiors are unconventional and dynamic.”

– Dwell Asia Magazine on The Residences – Laguna Project


“The predominantly concrete and glass structure stands out from the sea of cookie cutter homes, its stark, geometric lines softened by a border of well-maintained foliage.”

– Lifestyle Asia Magazine on C Residence Project


“Only time will tell how well Arkisens’ works will allow for growth and change within the dynamics of the occupants, be they corporate, commercial, or familial.  One thing certain, though, is that this journey of discovery and invention is well on its way.  This space bears watching.”

– BluPrint Magazine


“The C Residence was built to blur boundaries, eliminating separation between what are usually perceived as separate areas.”

– Dwell Asia Magazine on C Residence Project


“The concept is difficult for many clients to wrap their heads around, but that doesn’t stop Arkisens from trying to win over clients to their side.”

– Condo Living Magazine on The Residences – Laguna Project


“Whatever Arkisens is doing seems to be working.  For all the unconventionality, and the talk of conceptual design, the avant-garde, and negative space, the projects keep coming in.  Now that’s got to be a positive sign, and not just for Arkisens.”

– BluPrint Magazine on The Residences – Laguna Project


“An unimaginative designer would have plunked a ticky-tacky box on a difficult site.  An undisciplined one would have indulged in architectural acrobatics whose tricks would quickly lose their charm as the house revealed the flaws of rash, self-indulgent design.  Arkisens did a masterful job and used the site for maximum functional and experiential advantage.”

– BluPrint Magazine on C Residence Project


“In the time of starchitects and redundant building aesthetics, a group of young design provocateurs hold their ground and focus on what really matter – creativity and functionality.”

– Monday Magazine


“It might not be the space design that will immediately appeal to the average person, but it is in keeping with Arkisens’ push for modern architecture.”

– Garage Magazine on The Residences – Laguna Project


“Constantly attempting to re-conceive architecture, Arkisens tries to develop an aesthetic that seems to challenge the inactivity of material reality, with vibrant spaces subject to visual acceleration and a sense of take-off.”

– Flow Magazine


“The concept is modern and experimental.  Throughout the structure there is a bevy of corners, a play on horizontal and vertical elements, transparency, and dimension.”

– Metro Home Magazine on R Residence Project